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Legal services

Business is not physics, when you are a genius at the age of 26. Making clever decisions requires experience. Knowledge is not enough.

- Ted Levitt

The team of our lawyers offers practicable solutions on all legal issues.

We provide both one-time consultations and full legal support. Our approach allows satisfying the requirements effectively to the utmost, and our customers have the opportunity to determine at their own discretion the volume of services to be provided to them.

“Z.I.V. Projects” Company provides legal services in the following fields of law:

Administrative law
  • interaction with governmental bodies on the issues of execution of permissive documentation, including licenses, permits, etc., notifications of regulating authorities;
  • consulting on the issues of cancellation, change, and entering into effect of regulations;
  • representation of customer’s interests during contesting of standard and substandard legal acts, decisions and actions (inactions) of governmental authorities, local authorities, and officials, or consulting on the said issues;
  • customer support in the course of inspections conducted by governmental authorities;
  • representation of customers’ interests in administrative litigation.
Banking and financial law
  • customer support during opening accounts of organization;
  • consulting on the issues of currency regulation and financial regulation.
Contractual law

Customers need to be sure that clauses of contracts are understandable, their conditions are just and do not contradict to legislation. We are ready to perform such tasks as:

  • drawing up forms of model contracts,
  • analysis of contracts submitted by your counteragents, risk assessment,
  • defense of customer’s interests during execution of contracts, including in case of breach of contract by the counteragent.
Intellectual property
  • consulting on the issues of licensing;
  • consulting on the issues of personal data;
  • support of trademarks and service marks registration;
  • representation of customer’s interests in the governmental authorities on the issues of violation of right to individualization means.
Corporate law

Our lawyers have a great experience in support of business, and ready to provide you consultations on all issues of corporate law.

The range of our services in the said sphere covers the whole life cycle of organization:

  • company incorporation;
  • opening of bank accounts, registration of company in the governmental funds and agencies;
  • customer support on the stage of entering alterations in Constituent Instruments;
  • Shareholders’ (members’) agreement;
  • reorganization and liquidation of company.
Migration law
  • obtaining work permits for foreign citizens who come to Russia with the purpose of performing professional activity;
  • obtaining visas for foreign citizens.
Immovable property and construction
  • support of transactions with immovable property;
  • registration of title to immovable property;
  • drawing up and support of signing the contracts on construction.
Project budgeting and public-private partnership

We have successful experience in support of public-private partnership projects.

Judicial and extrajudicial resolution of disputes, arbitration

"Z.I.V. Projects" Company offers cost-beneficial methods of the fastest resolution of disputes in the customers’ interests. Our company’s lawyers are prepared to participate in litigations under civil and administrative cases, and protection of customer’s interests on the pretrial stage.

We have successful experience of participation in complicated, ambiguous and expensive disputes, as with civilians, as with governmental authorities.

We represent our customers’ interests:

  • on pretrial stage, including the procedures of reconciliation, agency and mediation;
  • in arbitration proceedings;
  • in disputes with customs, tax, antimonopoly, migration authorities, labor inspections, authorities which perform registration of title to immovable property;
  • in the framework of cases of insolvency;
  • in all instances in litigations between private persons in courts of general jurisdiction and in arbitration.

In addition, the range of our services includes:

  • risk assessment for arising of litigation;
  • working out of legal position;
  • support on the stage of execution of court decision, including that by bailiff service.
Labor law

No matter how many employees work at your organization, your business needs protection against unlawful acts and abuses. Notwithstanding the fact that Russia is a party in many conventions of the International Labor Organization, Russian labor legislation has its specific features and practice of application.

Lawyers of our company will be glad to assist you by:

  • consulting on requirements of labor legislation, etc.;
  • help to obtain work permits for foreign citizens;
  • development of drafts of labor contracts and internal labor regulations;
  • giving recommendations on hiring and dismissal of employees;
  • support on the issues of transfer of employees to another position and personnel outsourcing;
  • conducting of personnel audit (check of documents for compliance with legislation, execution of internal documentation and local acts, preparation of conclusions by results of audit, labor inspections risk assessment).
Compliance (compliance of activity with normative legal acts)

Non-compliance with legislation, standards and rules of conduct in the market may damage business reputation, serve as basis for imposition of fines by administrative authorities, give rise to institution of legal proceedings.

Our legal department will help you to assess risks, provide assistance and give recommendations on the issues of:

  • information security;
  • licensing requirements;
  • antimonopoly legislation;
  • customs registration of goods;
  • protection of consumers’ rights, and on many other issues.
Customs law
  • assistance during customs registration of goods crossing the border of the Russian Federation (the Customs Union);
  • consulting on the issues of counterfeit products;
  • protection of customer’s interests in customs disputes.