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Welcome to website of "Z.I.V. Projects. Financial and legal services" Company

Here you can familiarize with the company’s services, and find out our priorities.

Ирина Зубкова "Z.I.V. Projects" Company exists in the market of accounting, audit, and legal services already for more than 10 years. During this period the Company has proved to be a reliable partner and assistant in business sphere. "Z.I.V." Company is a serious specialist in the market of accounting, auditor’s, and legal services, we have confirmed business reputation, and our services are effective to the utmost.

"Z.I.V" Company is an honored member of Finnish Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Belgium-Luxemburg Chamber of Commerce.

The major task of "Z.I.V. Projects" Company is to provide for our customers the possibility to develop business without spending much time and effort for solution of accounting, tax, and legal matters. We provide our services on the comprehensive basis, "turnkey", taking into account specificity and peculiarities of our customers’ business.

We offer servicing to foreign companies, as for those already working in the Russian market, as for those who start their business in Russia (services for representative offices, production, trade, and construction firms), as well as for Russian companies.

The main principles of our company are customer focus, confidentiality, individual approach, and professionalism. Staff of "Z.I.V. Projects" Company are highly qualified specialists with great experience of work who know all nuances of both Russian and international practice of execution and keeping the accounting and tax reports, legal servicing, and provision of audit services.

In the person of "Z.I.V." Company, you will find an ally and partner which, along with provision of services in the most effective way, is very interested in flourishing of your business.

We will be glad to regard you as our customer and partner!

We attend to many customers, and provide services in different fields of law, full accounting support for customers’ activities, and high quality audit services.

Our company attends to a number of consulates existing in Saint Petersburg.

We serve the customers who perform their activities in different spheres, including:

  • wholesale and retail trade (export-import operations);
  • construction;
  • production, including car production;
  • transport;
  • oil-and-gas industry.

We appreciate the opportunity to become useful for you and your organization.